When in Palawan: Experience Purple Comfort in Real Colors

A living testimony of how a humble family plans not just for the business but for the benefits of their clients and friends.

The Purple Fountain Courtyard Inn can offer its guests a five-star hotel experience at a very low rate. This family-owned property is a mix of playfully colored exteriors and interiors. Rustic, classy, vintage, and native Pinoy elements fuse together.

The hotel has standard rooms with 1 twin bed, 1 sofabed, and another single bed that can accommodate 4 persons. All rooms have a flat-screen TV and hot & cold shower.

What travelers love about Purple Fountain is its staff’s courtesy and warm presence. Ella, Irene, and Shamaine will welcome you at the front desk and assist you to your room assignment. They can even arrange your tours based on your requirements. These ladies are from Puerto Princesa and can surely help you with everything you need to enjoy your stay in the city.

Purple Fountain has an in-house restaurant named the White Fence Country Café. A cozy interior and brilliant smiles from their staff will welcome you. The menu? Applause-worthy! The café offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner while its customers enjoy a fast wifi Internet connection, chill music from country to hipster, and a kind staff. The food tastes excellent, of course.

Read more about travelers’ feedback at Trip Advisor and you’ll read the comments. You’ll find out why Purple Fountain bagged the Trip Advisor 2014 Traveler’s Choice Award under Bed and Breakfast/Inn category.

Reserve your Purple Fountain Courtyard Inn rooms by contacting 09175372772.

My ratings:

  • 95% Cleanliness
  • 98% Food Presentation
  • 97% Food Taste
  • 99% Ambiance Wise
  • 93% Wifi Speed
  • 93% Crew Attentiveness
  • 94% Crew Total Look
  • 96% Service
  • 97% Location Wise

Published by lifeofatourguide

Jopet is a tree hugger, beach bummer & island kisser. He promotes the Philippines and Asia as a licensed tourist guide and tourism trainer. Currently, he is one of World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations National Trainers and Department of Tourism Philippines accredited trainer and resource speaker. He is also the pioneer of live virtual tour guiding in the Philippines and the founder of V Guides Philippines. Share your travel and tourism experiences with Jopet! Send him an email at inquiry@lifeofatourguide.com or jamesgalvez@lifeofatourguide.com.

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