Malapascua Island: Cebu’s Finest White Sands

The summer heat has always been a bane for Filipinos, and one of the best solutions is to go to the beach!

Whether it’s black, white, grey, or pink sand, travelers flock to Philippine coasts all over to soak in the clear waters we have. And there’s this one pretty island in Cebu you’ll surely fall in love with.

Malapascua is one of the must-see islands in the Philippines this summer. It’s a tiny island north of Cebu, a four-hour bus ride from Mandaue City, and a 30-minute boat ride direct to the island.

Malapascua has a number of resorts, from cozy to classy with basic to middle-end amenities. If you’re wondering if the sand is really white, I’ll attest that the island offers one of the best white sand beaches in the archipelago. To more about the island, you may visit

Let me share with you some of the best things you shouldn’t miss in Malapascua.

Take a fun walk during the sunrise. In a three-day stay in the island, one can already upload hundreds of picturesque moments that you might want to share with your friends and family.

Waking up too early may spoil your night, but the awe that the island’s sunrise elicits is truly exceptional. Have fun jogging or simply walk along the beach at the island’s southeastern part, where the finest sands are ready to paint your day with smiles.

Do some photo fun shoots at Malapascua Lighthouse. Start the walk from your resort as early as 3 PM. It goes without mention that you’ll be taking loads of photos while bathed in glorious sunlight.

Dine at Ging-ging’s Garden Restaurant. You’ll enjoy a variety of Filipino, Italian, and Mediterranean dishes. As soon as you finish your meal, you’ll notice that most of the diners are foreigners! Their chicken curry is a must-try.

Indulge in snorkeling. Invest in a waterproof camera so you can take some shots under the clear blue waters!

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Jopet is a tree hugger, beach bummer & island kisser. He promotes the Philippines and Asia as a licensed tourist guide and tourism trainer. Currently, he is one of World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations National Trainers and Department of Tourism Philippines accredited trainer and resource speaker. He is also the pioneer of live virtual tour guiding in the Philippines and the founder of V Guides Philippines. Share your travel and tourism experiences with Jopet! Send him an email at or

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