Satisfy Your Taste Buds with Baguio’s Strawberry Champorado

Your taste buds will thank you for this extremely delectable “strawberry champ” found at the heart of Camp John Hay Baguio City!

Le Monet Hotel offers strawberry champorado that will surely give you a taste of Baguio while enjoying a perfect nature view! For only P120 (2.5USD), you’ll get a huge bowl of this best tasting strawberry dessert, not so sweet, and not so sour – a perfect blend for couples, families and even solo tourists visiting the city.

An all day dining establishment offers traditional and modern cuisine made from fresh local produce, coupled with a very charming ambiance.
Strawberry Champorado for only P120.00 (2.5USD)

I was determined to feel this champion dish on my taste buds, and finally, that day has arrived! I was welcomed by Le Monet’s General Manager CJ Rama-De Guzman, who I felt smiling even if she was wearing her face mask. After scanning the QR code, Miss CJ assisted me to our table. Then, after minutes of “kamustahan,” the star champ has arrived! And oh,  it was pink! (who says not?). Very appealing, indeed! I’ve already had an idea about how it looks like. I haven’t tasted the dish but it feels like I was already satisfied just by looking at it!

A shot with Le Monet Hotel General Manager CJ Rama-De Guzman at the hotel lobby.
With Le Monet Hotel General Manager CJ Rama-De Guzman at the dining area.
The best-tasting strawberry champ of Le Monet Hotel Baguio for only P120 (2.5 USD)
An envelope for my face mask, ensuring sanitation standards.

The crew gave me an envelope for my face mask. Expect this too! Most restaurants in the city have this one to ensure sanitation standards are in place for all diners.

The package comes with milk but you’ll reconsider adding it up since the champ itself was already perfectly blended with the right amount of sweetness. It was complemented with fresh strawberries on top, which you’ll ask for more I’m sure.  The magical taste explodes when a spoon of the sticky rice champorado is adorned with a slice of that strawberry fruit, digging your palate of joy with its gorgeous taste.

The strawberry champ of Le Monet Hotel Baguio, available all-year round.

Baguio is a haven for food crawlers, and while hundreds of dishes are found within the Creative City, this extra special strawberry champ is something worth the try!

Don’t miss this whenever you visit the City of Pines! Hunt the magical flavorful taste of strawberry champ at Le Monet Hotel located at the very heart of Camp John hay along Ordonio Drive, Baguio City. You may also call them at 09175267049 or at (074) 526-7049 or at Visit their website at

Le Picnique. Savor delectable dishes, prepared and served at the Le Monet Garden for that very special occasion.
Strawberry champorado’s star ingredient! Freshly picked to meet the awesome goodness in every taste!

Make your Baguio visit extra special!

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