The Sun Hides for a While: 5 Philippine Beaches As A Sunset Haven

Mesmerizing. Jaw-dropping. Enticing. These are just three of the hundreds of adjectives to describe the wholeness and picturesque sight of a sun hiding for a while. The mystery of how the skies perfectly mix colors to produce an awe-inspiring image is a secret that no one bothers to know. Instead, people choose to spend the time savoring the fulfilling moment.

Isn’t it amazingly odd how our mood and feelings change when we witness the sky during sundown? Like after an exhausting or disappointing day, it is the perfect time to breathe, soften our emotions and have the belief that tomorrow as it shines back again, is another chance for us to get back on track and make everything right.

Many studies explain sunsets cause a change in a person’s emotions through the colors present — red, orange, and yellow. As stated in the article of Cherry (2020), these colors depict excitement, energy, enthusiasm, warmth and are all declared as eye-catching. No wonder why people tend to stop even just for half a minute to stare or take their smartphones out to capture the Instagram-worthy wonders above.

Back during the face-to-face classes, every time I, together with my classmates, are dismissed early, we’re able to catch the sunset while walking or inside the train station. What I observed, almost all of the people around me are expressing their deep appreciation of the view. Even if they don’t utter a word, you can see how their eyes admire the fiery fading image of the sun. Not all may be vocal about how amazed they are, but if you look closely at their eyes as they meet the skies, it screams affection.

Sunsets can be watched anywhere. It could be from your office’s window, school’s open ground, house’s terrace, building’s garden, mountain top, an island, even in your cars as you drive or anywhere that you have a clear view of the outside.

If you are to be asked, where do you think is the perfect place to watch sunsets? Maybe others will say, “Oh there’s no perfect location. As long as you can see the scenic occurrence, it’s already perfect.” But if I am to choose, along the beach would be the ideal spot.

The Philippines, as a nation owning 7 641 islands, is one of the promising countries to feature breath-taking sunset views in the sea. The best and famous ones can be located in Anawangin Island in Zambales, Panglao Island in Cebu, White beach boracay, Coron Palawan and Urbiztondo Beach in La Union.

1. Anawangin Cove, Zambales

Photo courtesy: e-Philippines Adventure Travel and Destinations

It is a secluded island shaped like a half-moon with fine sands that is surrounded by the Agoho trees. If you wish to deeply engage with nature while having technology detox, then Anawangin is the best place for you!

2. White Sand Beach, Boracay Island

The famous real-life painting of a perfect tropical beach in Boracay that everyone, both local and international tourists wish to visit.

3. Alona Beach, Panglao Island, Bohol

Photo courtesy: Jemelyn Rellin (

Another gem of the Visayan Region, the Alona beach. What makes it distinct from others is seeing the sky divide in half as the sun descends in the left direction making it more impressive.

4. Coron, Palawan

Photo courtesy: Oliver Canavan

Aside from Boracay, Coron Palawan is another treasure that should not be disregarded on anyone’s bucket list!

5. Urbiztondo Beach, San Juan, La Union

Photo courtesy: Kristoff De Villa

In 21 years of my life, I’ve only captured a sun setting on a beach and bay two (2) times. First was in MOA Complex, Manila Bay then in Punta De Uian Beach Resort in Pundaquit Zambales. The experience? Inexplainable. Personally encountering how it happens is a part of my life that I will never forget. It’s a memory that holds a space in my mind forever.

Going back to the time when I was sitting along the seashore in Punta De Uian Resort, my bare feet are covered with the fine moistened sand while observing how peaceful and far away I am from the reality of a tiring life. Though there were some tourists around, I claimed that it was only me, the sea and the sun around. It was the right breather. Nothing compares to the comfort given by nature. It was enthralling —imagining that the sea has an end and that the sun just rested behind it.

MOA Complex, Manila Bay
Pundaquit, Zambales


Hanna is a certified dozy. But that changes when it’s about waking up early in the morning to travel! As a tourist, she is more into the sea as a destination that’s why she deserves to be called a ‘thalassophile’ and a beachcomber. What she looks forward to someday is owning hundreds of photo albums consisting of her beach sunset and sunrise shots around the world.

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Jopet is a tree hugger, beach bummer & island kisser. He promotes the Philippines and Asia as a licensed tourist guide and tourism trainer. Currently, he is one of World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations National Trainers and Department of Tourism Philippines accredited trainer and resource speaker. He is also the pioneer of live virtual tour guiding in the Philippines and the founder of V Guides Philippines. Share your travel and tourism experiences with Jopet! Send him an email at or

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