11th Tam-awan International Arts Festival highlights Over a Hundred Talents Despite Pandemic Challenges

The 11th Tam-awan International Arts Festival (TIAF) wraps up with over a hundred local and international artists in expressing their passion for arts and creativity, under the initiative of Chanum Foundation, Inc., founder of Tam-awan Village Garden in the Sky. With a cohesive theme ‘A Thanksgiving for the Gift of Culture and the Arts,’ the gathering highlights various activities from the featured artists from October 6 to 10, 2021.

“La Sultura” by RM Cerezo (www.tamawanvillage.com)

Sheela “Ming” Tabuno, contemporary visual artist and musician based in La Trinidad, Benguet shares that joining the festival is an opportunity for her to showcase her skills and talent musically and artistically:

“Not only that I would be able to showcase my skills and talent, but also an opportunity to meet, interact and learn from my fellow artists, musicians and event coordinators from in and out of the city. I would be able to expand my knowledge and understanding about the essence and value of such event in order for me to live up to its purpose.”

Contemporary visual artists and musicians Khalil Acosta a.k.a. Django Bakunawa and Sheela “Ming” Tabuno during their live performance at TIAF 2021. (Photo Courtesy: Eden Cawang)

“I feel that we have gathered together, being united as one in this festival. Through this, we have influenced different individuals in showcasing their culture and every practice in the community. This made a strong impact, as well by simply letting all the local artists of Baguio collaborate and work as one,” says Khalil Neil Acosta (aka Django Bakunawa), contemporary visual artist and musician based in Baguio City.

According to Luisa Galang, TIAF 2021 Festival Director, the said activity will be hybrid, combining both physical and digital activities.

“This year we are continuing the festival’s long-standing tradition of showcasing artworks created by artists from all over the Philippines and abroad through gallery and virtual art exhibitions,” she added.

The TIAF 2021 also features lectures, creative workshops, demonstrations, performances, crafts, and ritual.

Lecturers for the celebration includes Ammin Acha-ur , a traditional tattoo artist, Nina Tesoro Poblador, academe practitioner, Mideo Cruz, renowned visual artist, and Ike Picpican, museum curator and archivist.

TIAF 2021 also slated workshops including  coffee painting, cardboard art, tapuey making, etag preparation, tayao dance, tie dye, paper marbling, stone art, rubber cut, image transfer, and mono print.

We are overwhelmed by the support of our fellow artist in the staging of the 11th Tam-awan International Arts Festival despite the challenges imposed by the pandemic,” says Jordan Mang-osan, president of Chanum Foundation Inc.

“Through the tears, the Tam-awan Village has been the epitome of Cordilleran art and creativity, and has become the embodiment of cultural and tourism experiences. This creative hub has been so important and is almost impossible to talk about Baguio city art scene without mentioning the village,” shares Department of Tourism OIC- Regional Director Jovita Ganongan in full support of the arts festival.

“Fake Happy” by C. Bruno (www.tamawanvillage.com)

The festival was co-sponsored by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts and fully supported by the Philippine Information Agency-CAR, Baguio City Tourism Office, Congressman Mark Go, Provincial Government of Benguet and The Manor Hotel at Camp John Hay.

“The National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) has always been supportive to festivals like these. We are so proud to be the co-sponsor of this international gathering of artists in the Philippines and abroad,” shares Jayson Conda of NCCA.  

“Bayas Copy” by A. Pagadian (www.tamawanvillage.com)

Photo Credits: www.tamawanvillage.com and Tam-awan Facebook Page with contributions from Ja B., Eden Cawang and Clinton Anniversario. Special thanks to Ms. Luisa Galang, Mr. John Arvin Molintas, Mr. Khalil Neil Acosta and Ms. Sheela “Ming” Tabuno.

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